❒ File Organization

  • Textures moved from \Project\Maya\sourceimages to \Project\Textures

Maya’s project configuration file “workspace.mel” has been moved to \Project\, previously you would set Maya project at \Project\Maya\ but now changed to setting the Maya project at \Project\

❒ Rendered Images

  • Added 14 rendered images from Blender and Marmoset Toolbag. They are inside a new folder “Images”.

❒ Rig

  • Rebuilt mGear rig with new version 4.0.0

Also adjusted the shapes of some of the controls

  • Added skirt rig

  • Added Facial Blendshapes (FACS based)


List of blendshape targets (each splited to left side and right side): look_left, look_right, look_up, look_down, look_up_altcopy, eye_close, upper_lid_raiser, lid_tightener, brow_raiser, brow_lower, brow_inner_raise, brow_outer_raise, cheek_raiser, nose_wrinkler, nostril_dilator, nostril_compressor, smile, corner_puller, corner_depressor, upper_lip_raiser, lower_lip_depressor, chin_raiser, chin_depressor, dimpler, pucker, pucker, funneler, lip_pressor, lip_suck, lip_stretch, cheek_puff, lips_puff, lips_seal, mouth_narrow, mouth_push, mouth_slide

  • Added Corrective shape when knee bend

  • Added Corrective shape to tops when shoulder down

❒ Model

  • Subtle changes to facial features (very subtle on the cheeks and eyelids looking upwards more), also lowered the hairline slightly

  • Fixed Jaw and added more thickness to corner lips (area in the mouth)

  • Updated body’s shape and topolgy

_images/topology-change-head.gif _images/topology-change-breast.gif _images/topology-change-back.gif _images/body-shape-tweak-front.gif _images/body-shape-tweak-elbow.gif _images/body-shape-tweak-butt-cleavage.gif _images/body-shape-tweak-foot.gif

Topology: Added some edge loops to the area between the brows, the breast and the back (for slightly more resolution to play with when doing brows expression, etc)

Shape: Elbow is moved towards lower-arm (lower-arm is now shorter than upper-arm). Butt cleavage is moved lower (previously is too high and deep)

Topology and shape is also updated in Zbrush, the normal map is rebaked (though it wasn’t very noticable)

  • Update underwear shape

  • Update Hairs

  • lower polycount (V1: 17928 Tris, V2: 13680 Tris)

  • filled some inner areas

  • adjusted shape around the hairline

❒ Blender

  • Added 3 Blender scenes with lighting (Note: model is not rigged but brought in as fbx (mesh without skeleton) from Maya)

  • Updated Blender hairs (BlenderShenya Hairs.blend)

❒ Others

  • Megascans assets are used as props in some of the rendered images. They are not allowed to be distributed so I replace the geometry in scenes with a heavily reduced mesh. Megascans Textures also not included.



First Release